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MoU signed with Institut Français Grèce

Posted 10 2 20

We are proud to announce another active act of IPD's recognition from well established and respected organisations. Today another MoU was signed between IPD and Institut Français Grèce (French Institute in Greece), Larisa's branch. 

The MOU establishes the terms and understanding between IPD and Institut Français Grèce Societies to facilitate collaborative activities that are mutually beneficial for both societies.

We are enthusiastic that this partnership will strengthen and advance the interests and activities of each Society, and continue to promote excellence in our shared research, training and culture development strategies.

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MoU signed with EXALCO S.A.

Posted 10 2 20

We are pleased to announce the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the Institute of Prevention and Development (IPD) and EXALCO S.A.  

The MOU establishes the terms and understanding between the IPD and EXALCO S.A. to facilitate collaborative activities, that promote safety culture, safety climate and HR development while setting strong foundations for future projects .  
 The values and scope of IPD  are once again recognized and supported by a market leader. We are enthusiastic that this partnership will strengthen and advance the interests and activities of both organisations, and continue to promote excellence in our approach.
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IPD is the ambassador of ENETOSH in Greece!

Posted 9 12 19

We are proud to announce that IPD has joined the European Network Education and Training in Occupational Safety and Health (ENETOSH) ENETOSH offers a platform for systematic knowledge-sharing on issues concerning education and training in occupational safety and health. The fundamental aim of ENETOSH is to mainstream occupational safety and health (OSH) into education and training. Our assumption is that mainstreaming OSH into education and training will help boost the overall quality of education and prepares the ground for the development of a culture of prevention. ENETOH now has 95 members from 37 countries, 13 of them individual members, the others institutional. We are committed to ENETOSH's scope and in adding value in any possible way.


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IPD became Vision Zero Partner!

Posted 6 12 19

We are pleased to share that our Institute became Partner of the Vision Zero Global Campaign, helping to spread the message that every accident, disease and harm at work is preventable! We add cultivate safety culture by applying the 7 Golden Rules. Learn more about this constructive campaign launched at the World Congress on Safety and Health at Work by the International Social Security Association (ISSA).


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2nd Panhellenic ELINYAE Congress on Occupational Safety and Health.

Posted 19 11 19

Our researcher Dr. Ioannis Anyfantis presented his research in the area of precarious work and occupational accidents. Current health and safety challenges in the workplace were investigated during the conference, taking into consideration unclear the boundaries between work and other social activities / life. 

Athens 18-19 Nov. 2019

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Erasmus+ Program "BetterBefore"

Posted 14 11 19

Shortcuts of the Life Coaching workshop delivered by our member during the Erasmus+ Program "BetterBefore" that took place at the 6th Lyceum of Larissa.In the workshop, pupils from 6 different countries, had the chance to discuss about hope and learned optimism and change their mindset towards a more positive direction.

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Thessaloniki Jobfestival 2019

Posted 12 11 19

On the 8th and 9th of November, our members offered free Career Coaching sessions representing the ICF Greece during the Thessaloniki Jobfestival 2019 Reborn at ""Ioannis Velldis Congress Center"".

We Have a New Site

Posted 28 10 19

The IPD website is up and running. Now you can check our news and upcoming events online. Through our website you can also become a member, update your membership, and sign up to participate in our activities.

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