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MoU signed with Institut Français Grèce

Posted 10 2 20

We are proud to announce another active act of IPD's recognition from well established and respected organisations. Today another MoU was signed between IPD and Institut Français Grèce (French Institute in Greece), Larisa's branch. 

The MOU establishes the terms and understanding between IPD and Institut Français Grèce Societies to facilitate collaborative activities that are mutually beneficial for both societies.

We are enthusiastic that this partnership will strengthen and advance the interests and activities of each Society, and continue to promote excellence in our shared research, training and culture development strategies.

The 143 French institutes and cultural centers around the world are organizations subject to the French Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs aiming at promoting cultural, intellectual and audiovisual cooperation between professionals, promoting modern French and French-speaking artistic creativity, public, presenting students and foreign teachers of French higher education and learning French through a comprehensive educational program.

It was founded in 1907 and is one of the most important institutes of this network due to its long and strong Greek-French friendship.

The French Institute of Greece is the Cooperation and Education Service of the French Embassy in Greece. It promotes, organizes and supports all institutional exchanges of cooperation between the two countries. It is the ideal link to France and offers its students a unique Greek-speaking environment in Greece, rich in cultural events.