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Eleni Matraki

Lawyer/ EIA Accredited Life, Wellness & Business Coach/ Mentor

Eleni is an experienced  lawyer and an Accredited ( EIA) Life, Wellness and Business coach committed to motivate and inspire others to take charge and enhance their life. She has a big experience in career coaching, executive/corporate coaching, HR consulting and a master’s degree in education. She delivers coaching sessions, seminars, workshops and speeches in order to encourage people to be authentic, real, honest, the very best they can be. She believes in life-long learning and in the ongoing pursuit of knowledge and participates in seminars, training programs, conferences and actions, among others “Be a Mentor, Think Entrepreneurship” “WBL Professionals Peer Network””YounGo” La chanson comme point de rencontre””Coaching Days Greece” “ Balkan Money Show”e.t.c.

Dr Ioannis Anyfantis

Lead Researcher

Electrical and Computer Engineer MEng, MSc, PhD /  Lecturer

Ioannis has been lecturing at the European University Cyprus, University of Thessaly, Greece while being a research fellow. Dr Anyfantis is an expert in Occupational Safety and Health (OSH), Safety Management Systems and Risk Assessment, mastering a multilateral approach, since he holds an MSc in Technology Management and a PhD in Medicine. He has strong knowledge of OSH legislation, while he has significant experience in conducting safety and health audits and accident investigations. He has been the National representative at a number of European Commission’s Working Groups of the Senior Labour Inspector Committee. This significant experience in the actual field is combined with research achievements. His research has been published as a number of scientific papers in peer-reviewed journals, presented in a number of international conferences while he is a peer-reviewer of Safety Science (Elsevier), SH@W (Elsevier) and Public Health (BMC). He has participated in a number of EU funded projects, while he is a European Commission expert, evaluator of Horizon 2020 projects.

Dr. Vasileios Stavrou

Project Manager - Researcher

Vasileios Stavrou is a PhD Researcher at the Laboratory of Cardio-Pulmonary Testing and Pulmonary Rehabilitation, Respiratory Medicine Department, Faculty of Medicine, University of Thessaly, Greece and Adjunct Lecturer at the University of Thessaly (Faculty of Nursing, Department of Physical Education and Sport Science, Department of Nutrition and Dietetics), Greece. His basic and clinical research focus in the areas of clinical exercise physiology, sleep
breathing and sleep-deprivation physiology, pulmonary rehabilitation (COPD, OSAS, COVID-19, Pulmonary Embolism) and well-being.

Georgia Angelidaki 

Georgia Angelidaki is an accredited Mediator and a Lawyer and DPO She became a member of the Athens Bar Association in 2002. She is a legal executive at the Hellenic Confederation of Commerce & Entrepreneurship (ESEE) since 2010 and has through her role worked, inter alia, on special issues of commercial law, consumer law, intellectual property, entrepreneurship, alternative dispute resolution gender equality and discrimination law. She is Lead Trainer for Greece in the project "Consumer Law Ready", a specialist training programme for SMEs, helping them understand and comply with the latest EU and national consumer laws. Her professional experience includes mainly cases of banking/financial, civil, commercial/business, consumer, labor and tax law. She has profound knowledge in conflict resolution of commercial and business-related claims. She has worked as a lawyer in banking institutions for several years, as well as a legal advisor to companies in the pharmaceutical, medical and technological sectors.
She is an accredited Mediator by the KEDIP and the “Toolkit Company”. She is listed in the official catalogue of accredited Mediators of the Ministry of Justice, Transparency and Human Rights and she is a member of the Hellenic Union of Mediators. She has graduated from the Law School of the Università Degli Studi di Macerata, in Italy. Moreover, she has received specialized training in tax law from the University of Athens and attended the Data Protection Officer course by DPO Academy implemented with NomikI Vivliothiki.
She was member of the working group/ legislative drafting committee of the Greek Ministry of Development & Investments for complementary national measures implementing Regulation(EU) 2019/1150 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 20 June 2019 on promoting fairness and transparency for business users of online intermediation services, for complementary national measures implementing Regulation(EU) Regulation (EU) 2018/302 addressing unjustified geoblocking, for the incorporation into national law of the Directive 2013/11/EC (Directive ADR) and complementary national measures implementing Regulation 524/2013 (Regulation on consumer ODR) and of the Directive 2020/1828 on representative actions for the protection of the collective interests of consumers
She is fluent in Italian and English and has a basic knowledge of the Greek Sign Language (GSL).
Specialities: Alternative dispute resolution, Online Dispute Resolution, Civil law, Consumer Law, Commercial & Corporate law, Registration of Trademarks. E-commerce, Personal Data.

Eirini Kontra   

Irene Kontra (MBA) is a Leadership and Career Coach with global Accredited studies, member of the International Coach Federation (ICF), and European Mentoring & Council Institute. She also has studied Marketing and graduated an executive MBA program from Kingston University of London. Her professional experience was in Business Consulting. She is also accredited as a Mentor from an international network “ERGANI”. Her Vision is to unlock human’s potential and help people to find their Vision and Self Leadership. Through Coaching, Mentoring and Business Consulting helps Individuals, Teams and Companies to set their Strategy and reach their Goals, meanwhile developing their soft skills and transforming their lives. She is also developing networking, which it is one of her highest Business Value. She speaks Greek, English, German. She is now the Vice President of Marketing Club, one of the biggest clubs in Greece regarding Business and Marketing. She is a speaker and writes articles about personal and professional development.
She pparticipates as a Personal & Professional Development Consultant & Career Coach in matters of skills, strengthening / soft skills in the actions "Jobday 45+", "Jobfestival" & "Entrepreneurship Paths" of Skywalker, and in many other profit and non profit organizations such as Marketing Club, Microstars, Bodosaki Foundation , EEDE, TOGME Macedonia, individuals and start-ups.


Evagelos Sideris

Evangelos Sideris is a certified  Life & Βusiness Coach  He holds a degree in Business Administration and Economy of TEI of Thessaloniki and the ICF Diploma in positivity Coaching Skills with Distinction. He is working as a Life & Business Coach delivering personal sessions (live and on – line). He has a wide experience working as an executive in Acoountancy in big companies. He has attended thw pilot training of trainers on Basic Skills for Employment for emploees with less qualification and has participated in an extended evaluation in order to improve the original educational material, contributing dramatically to its successful realization.  He has participated as a personal career coach in the project I Participate implemented by the NGO  IParticipate Youth organization and has participated as a Coach – Mentor in projects implemented by the NGO «Creativity Platform» delivering business ciaching sessions to individuals and start – ups. He has participated as a career coach in the activities «Jobday 45+» and «Jobfestival» implemented by Skywalker.  He is a member of IPD team delivering training and coaching services in the area of prevention culture and personal development as well as in the field of promoting wellbeing in the professional and social life

Asterios Bakaimis

Project Manager

Asterios has a wide experience in proposal preparation and proposal writing, Financial management and implementation of EU projects. He has worked as Project Manager - Asociación Educativa por la Integración y la Igualdad (Murcia, Spain), and as Communications Assistant at  Maison de l' Europe de Bordeaux Aquitaine (Bordeaux, France). He has participated in many projects and trainings,  among others:  “Seeds of Cooperation” –  “Give peace a chance” –,  “Step Up Yourself” –, “Youth Seminar Interculturel”,”Gender Equality”, “Survival Kit”, “FUND”, “Everybody is Unique”, "Creative Industries in Rural Areas" –"Cover your needs, Discover your career".

Maria Desli 


Maria Desli has graduated her law studies at Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and now she is a trainee lawyer at The Deposits and Loans Fund of Athens, which is an autonomous financial institution serving the public and social interest also being under the supervision of the Minister of Finance. She is a post graduate student of Maritime Studies and Maritime Law at University of Piraeus and also an active volunteer. During the past years she has been leader at Public Children Camps, sales manager at an International Volunteering Organization (AIESEC) and columnist in Legal, Foreign and domestic affairs. Among the articles written are domestic violence, the rights of third country nationals and the right of health and the mandatory vaccination. She has certifications in Merchant Shipping named “Maritime strategies, claims and operations” and in Marketing named “Marketing and Brand”. During her studies she has attended the first organized program by EPICUR (European Partnership for an Innovative Campus Unifying Regions) at University of Freiburg in the field of Post-Migrant Europe and several seminars and conferences, such as “Equality and Non Discrimination in European Union”(by Kalliopi Koufa Foundation), “Children deprived of liberty: Enacting the recommendations of the UN Global study” (by Global Campus of Human Rights), “Technology and Medically Assisted Reproductive Technology” (by Laboratory of Medical Law and Bioethics in cooperation with the Greek Corporation of Law Studies and Research).Now, she is a city counselor of Municipality of Larissa and Certified Trainer on Consumer Law for small and medium businesses Certified by BEUC and European Union. She knows Braille, which is the universally accepted system of writing and reading used by and for blind persons and she is fluent at English (including English legal terminology) and Italian.

Maria Sofia Kostareli


Maria Sofia Kostareli has graduated Law School at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki . The last year she has been working as a trainee lawyer at the Legal Council of the State.She has attended numerous seminars mainly in Refugee Law.She is a youth worker dedicated to give hope and help to those in need.She is also a board member of the "HUMANS FIRST" project, an initiative by an informal group of young people under the European Solidarity Corps.Its aim is to engage young people from different backgrounds so as to spread a message of humanity and solidarity which is creatively contextualized in the form of a short movie.Having always in mind the promotion of youth participation and active citizenship she is currently a member of the organizing committee of this year's youth festival of the Municipality of Larissa .

Maria Bali


Maria Bali has graduated Humanitarian Studies-Studies in European Culture, at the Open University of Greece. She has also just finished her studies at Business Administration of Thessaly University. She speaks three languages: English, Spanish and German. She attends a Postgraduate program in Public Administration at the European University of Cyprus. She has attended numerous seminars in Translation, Interpretation and Teaching English as a foreign language from different academic institutions. She is registered in the introduction list of the National Register of Qualifications Certification Agency and Vocational Guidance (EKEPIS) - (EOPPEP). Certification by the EOPPEP (National Certification Qualifications and Vocational Guidance) Educational Proficiency Certificate as Trainer for Adults, of Non-Formal Education. She is also a member of Job Team - European Jean Monnet Chair, Aegean University.

She has been working as an English teacher and as a translator-interpreter in many conferences and seminars. The last three years she has been working as a judicial officer of the Ministry of Justice.

Thanos Karagiannis

IT Expert

Thanos is an experienced Computer System Engineer skilled in Windows Server OS, Data Center, Software Installation, Network Design, and Cloud Systems. Strong information technology professional with a Diploma focused in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) supports the IT department of our Institute and make us feel safe and secure.